Classes of Yesteryear
2011 Edition

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In a Nutshell

This 2011 Edition of Classes of Yesteryear is a digest of
the 114 editions of the Lassen High School Yearbooks,
"Rays From The Purple", published from April, 1904 to 2011.
--- Updated January 18, 2012 ---

The Short Story of This Project

Here is the latest updated "Yearbook Digest", the 2011 Edition of Classes of Yesteryear, that Tim Purdy and I put together during our lunch break yesterday while playing a game of pong.

It deals with a century-plus of Lassen High School students and a brief, early history of the high school, and includes the first edition of the high school's yearbook, plus some other stuff of historical interest.

We dubbed it Classes of Yesteryear for lack of a better idea.

Thought you might like a copy of this updated 2011 Edition.
Now, gotta get back to our game of pong.

... Go, Grizzlies!

Charles "Charlie" "Chuck" Dickens
Class of 1950
Editor, 1950 Yearbook, "Rays From The Purple"

January 18, 2012

The above short story may well be all you want to know about this Yearbook Digest, but the long story is a bit more accurate, complete with twists and turns. It is another major by-product of the Yearbook Scanning Project, a not-for-profit joint-endeavor of Charles W. Dickens and Tim I. Purdy to preserve the Lassen High School yearbooks, and to make them accessible to the general public.

So, what follows is the long story, but, of course, not the complete story.

The Long Story

Where Are the Snows
of Yesteryear?

JoAnne Thomas
Senior, Class of 1950
Snow of 1949-1950
Area of Mt. Lassen, CA
JoAnne Thomas
Senior, Class of 1950

Tim I. Purdy and I met for the first time in 2005. I tracked down Tim in hopes of buying a copy of an out-of-print book that he authored and published, "Fruit Growers Supply Company." I wanted to buy a copy of this book as a gift to my high school sweetheart, now my ex-wife, JoAnne, whose father, H. A. Thomas, Jr., was the General Manager of Fruit Growers Supply Company at the time of his accidental death in 1958. Mr. Thomas was not only my father-in-law, he was my friend.

A few months later, toward the end of 2005, I contacted Tim to discuss a possible joint project with him to document the history of Lassen High School. My role would be to scan the 100-plus editions of the school's yearbook and make them available to the public, perhaps on a set of CDs or on a DVD or on a Website. Tim's role would be to research and document the school's history, possibly in book form. Both of us would do our best to locate and acquire the yearbooks to scan.

Such was our initial vision. Regardless of the final outcome of our joint project, our goal, of course, is to preserve the history of Lassen High School and to disseminate it widely. To bring this "acorn" of an idea to fruition would be a tall order, but why not give it a try! So we began.

In early 2006, two dead ends on our path to success were immediately encountered and totally unanticipated. There was a total lack of interest/cooperation in our Yearbook Scanning Project from the two major local historical and alumni organizations, namely, the Lassen County Historical Society and the Lassen High Alumni Association. At that time, each organization chose not to be a participant in our Yearbook Scanning Project. Therefore, the collection of Lassen High School yearbooks in the Lassen Museum was unavailable to us for scanning. The Lassen County Historical Society's board did consider our request, dated January 14, 2006, in a timely manner, but chose to deny it. Unlike the action by the board of the Lassen County Historical Society, the Lassen High Alumni Association leadership, at that time, simply failed to respond to, or acknowledge, any of my several requests to scan the yearbooks in its custody.

These two setbacks in early 2006 only strengthened our resolve. Ignoring the naysayers, we looked to other sources for the 100-plus editions of the "Rays From The Purple" yearbook to scan. The responses to our call for yearbooks from these other sources were most generous and unconditional! See Credits below.

As of August 26, 2011, all 114 editions of the "Rays From The Purple" have been located and scanned. They were provided by various alumni, the Lassen High School Library, the Lassen Union High School District Office, the Susanville District Library, non-alumni friends of Tim Purdy, and the Lassen Museum. See Credits below.

Here is how we process the yearbooks. Yours truly scans the yearbooks and returns them to their owners either directly or via Tim Purdy. Then, I edit and retouch the scanned images (a very labor-intensive computer task). Finally, I prepare HTML-versions of the yearbooks that are uploaded to the Website for viewing on a computer by the general public. In addition, I prepare E-Books (prc files that are Kindle-compatible) of all the yearbooks, which may be freely downloaded from the Website.

The Classes of Yesteryear Website, the Kindle-compatible eBooks of the yearbooks, and the browser-compatible eBooks of the yearbooks are the three latest major by-products of our on-going joint project to preserve the history of Lassen High School. Previous versions of the Classes of Yesteryear were the 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 releases; copies of which, on CD and DVD media, were gifted to the graduating seniors.

This 2011 Edition celebrates the recent commencement of the Class of 2011, the school's 105th four-year class. It proudly recognizes the oldest living alumnus of Lassen High School, Evan Chappuis of Class of 1927. (Update: Evan at age 101 years passed away on November 6, 2011.)

Documenting the history of the Lassen High School has been --- and continues to be --- a labor of love. The hours expended in preparing the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Editions were certainly considerable, but hours (days, weeks, and a dozen-plus months) very well spent. I trust that this 2011 Edition of Classes of Yesteryear has uniquely recorded a bit of the history of the current students and alumni of Lassen High School, originally known as Lassen County High School and then as Lassen Union High School.

To share the information on this 2011 Edition with the widest possible audience, I have uploaded this 2011 Edition to the MyLassenHigh Website for unrestrictive viewing by the thousands of LHS alumni of yesteryear, their families, and the general public. The Website's address is:

For Further Information

  • About This 2011 Edition

  • About the Lassen High School Yearbook Scanning Project

  • About the history of Susanville, Lassen County, and Northwest Nevada


    The search for yearbooks began with my personal copies of the 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950 yearbooks. My most sincere thanks go to the numerous people who loaned their yearbooks to be scanned and/or helped in various other ways to make possible this 2011 Edition and the four previous editions.


    Go, Grizzlies!

    Charles "Charlie" "Chuck" Dickens
    Class of 1950
    Editor, 1950 Yearbook, "Rays From The Purple"

    January 18, 2012

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